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Written By: Patrick HamitlonJuly 17th, 2020

Major Stories Coming into the Hungarian GP

F1 is back for another racing weekend, this time in Hungary and we want to keep you up to date on what to keep your eye out for...

Rain Forecast on Both Qualification and Race Day

If the wet at Austria indicated anything for the race weekend, it is that we will not know what will happen.  There is no greater equalizer in F1 than rain. The wet weather will absolutely dominate the headlines going into this weekend.

Mercedes Dominance

Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas have been dominant with the first two races of the season. But like the forecast predicts, the rain might shake things up a little bit. With the field neutralized, could someone break up the great run from the silver (now black) arrows? Lewis absolutely sailing past the competition in the rain last week might be a sign for what is to come again this weekend, but Valtteri is still the championship leader in this early 2020 season.

Renault v. Racing Point

Things might get a little testy on track as Renault sent in a very salty protest on the Pink Mercedes team copying parts of last year’s championship car. Will we see a strong midfield battle between the yellow and pink?

Carlos Sainz v. Lando Norris

In the past two races, Lando has proven his driving skill, and left Carlos behind him. The recently signed Ferrari driver may not like finishing behind his teammate much longer. It may be all fun and games of the track, but I would not be surprised to see a more intense tussle on track this Sunday.

The Mid-field

As presented by the new F1 poll, did Ferrari join the mid-field teams?! But with competition so close, every single point counts. Racing Point struggled on Saturday in the rain during qualifying, will that put them in the disadvantage? Danny Ricardo loves Hungary where he saw victory back in 2014, can he have a strong finish for Renault? Will Carlos and Landcontinue the strong momentum?


After the disastrous weekend in Austria, the two prancing horses try and bounce back. Will Charles show a little more patience behind the wheel, will Vettel continue to struggle? Or will he find a strong finish? Will the two crash into another for a 3rd time?

For all of the answers, make sure to tune in this Sunday!